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Is it a bowl? Is it a cup? No! It’s a ramekin, and it’s going to make a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Ramekins come in sets and will make you feel like a pro when hosting a dinner party. With these nifty receptacles, you can serve every portion of French onion soup with its own layer of melted cheese. You can serve every portion of crème brûlée with its own hard caramel crust. You can bake mini quiches, and the list goes on! Ramekins are also a great answer to the age old question of “what should I serve the salsa in?” Read on for tips on picking the perfect ramekin for your cheffing adventures.



If you’re primarily in the business of serving mini-portions of finger foods, sauces, and desserts, you’ll want to look for four-ounce sized ramekins. These are also great for holding spice mixtures and other small ingredients while you cook. If you’re more interested in using ramekins for soups and quiches, a set of eight-ounce ramekins should meet your needs.



It’s also wise to consider the look and shape of your ramekins. Do you want something classic or funky? Ramekins are available in many shades, and some even come with multiple colors in a set. Ramekin shapes also vary and can mimic anything from coffee filters to dutch ovens.



Perhaps most important is the sturdiness and durability of your ramekins. Any good ramekin should be oven-safe and tough enough to handle extremely high temperatures. On the other hand, your ramekins should also feel at home in the freezer. When dinner and dessert are over and it’s time to store those ramekins, they should stack evenly to prevent chipping and scuffing.