If your beginner days of playing tennis are long past and you are ready to move beyond your intermediate days, start looking for an advanced pro racket that will help you continue to improve on the court. Unlike beginner rackets, this piece of pro equipment is going to be smaller than other rackets and require good control over placement, spin, and power. If you’re a frequent player, serving with spin then check out some of our favorite pro player rackets below.  

For Strong Serves and Sharp Swings

Perfect for precision, with a weight of 11.7- ounces, braided graphite composition, and available in multiple grip sizes. A star on the court, Roger Federer has used a similar version.

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There are two swing types for pro tennis players: short and long. A long swing type is slower, taking more time for increased precision and spin with every shot, and can include a loop motion for both your forehand and backhand. If you primarily use a long swing, choose a larger racket to help with power. A short swing path is compact and powerful, with quick acceleration and little to no topspin. If this sounds like you, or you’re a combination player that relies more frequently on a short path, go for a racket with a smaller frame for extra accuracy and control, like the one above.  

Get Faster Rotations and Reduced Drag

With 0.5 inches in additional length, a 16×19 string pattern, and 100 square inch head size, this option will help with leverage and extension. You may have seen a similar model used by Rafael Nadal. Babolat

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If you’re an advanced player who works well with a larger head size, pay attention to the way you hit and match your racket accordingly. If you tend to go for a strong, flat groundstroke, you’ll want something with a tight string pattern and increased density for added control. If you have great technique and a lot of topspin, go for an open string pattern to help you grip the ball and start a rotation. You can even go a step further and experiment with various string types to see what compliments your skills the most.

Great for Leveling-Up

At 100 square inches with an 18 x 20 string pattern, this unit has been used by Novak Djokovic. It delivers increased control and is suitable for advanced intermediate and pro players. HEAD

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If you’re ready to start the journey from intermediate to advanced, size down your tennis racket size to sit at 100 square inches that weighs at or over 11 ounces with a focus on balance. Think about where you are trying to make improvements and focus on speed, power, or control. This will help you get even more specific when it comes to choosing a new racket for your new abilities. A lighter, larger, more open racket means more power. A smaller, heavier, denser racket means more control.