When you ditch modern life in favor of the trail, the basics of survival—food, water, shelter, and fire—suddenly come into sharp relief. Any hot food becomes a delicious feast, and gazing into the dancing flames of a campfire reminds you that humans instinctively gravitate toward warmth and light. You probably should carry a traditional lighter or two on your trip, but pocket torches and igniters just for camping come with distinct advantages. Here are some excellent options.

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This small torch uses a disposable lighter as a fuel cartridge, and with an electric ignition turns the fuel into a strong wind-resistant flame that reaches temperatures up to about 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Use it to seal paracord ends, start a fire, or light your camp stove. Follow the guidelines for which types of disposable lighters to use as it isn’t compatible with all shapes, or refill the lighter it comes with by buying fuel separately. You’ll get up to 20 minutes of flame out of each lighter cartridge.

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People fascinated with fire will love that this butane torch creates a flame up to one inches long. Just be careful wielding it so you don’t spark an environmental disaster. This lighter is made from zinc alloy instead of cheap plastic, and comes with a year warranty. A safety lock provides an extra layer of protection, and you can also adjust the length and size of the flame with a dial on the end. (Trust us, you don’t need inches of flame to light birthday candles.) Refill the torch with butane using canisters with long universal filing tips.

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If you are looking for a handy device to light camp stoves fueled by canisters or liquid fuel this piezo igniter does the trick. It’s an igniter, not a lighter, and creates an electric spark at the push of a button to set the gas aflame. At under three inches long, you can keep it in your pocket and not worry about fuel leaking, since it doesn’t use any. Keep in mind that you’ll need another way to start a campfire–this igniter is made specifically for stoves.