Any avid reader knows that squinting to see the words on a page is detrimental to the literary experience. A book light is the only way to go when it comes to combating darkness. Whether you need an extra boost of light on an airplane, can’t see in the dark while you’re waiting for the bus, or have a photosensitive sleeping partner, these little luminaries will let you open up your paperback anytime, anywhere. Sure, you can pick up a tiny booklight at a gas station or convenience store, but it’s worth it to look at some options designed to be gentle on your eyes, last a long time, and suited for any studious situation.

Your all-nighter just got brighter. Amazon

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This portable, rechargeable book light correctly labels itself as the “Lamborghini of Book Lights.” It has two arms, three different light modes, three brightness level settings for customizable quality, and can last for up to 130 hours. Choose between Natural, Warm, and Cool on Low, Medium, or High brightness. It’s lightweight so it can easily clip onto 1 ¼ inches of paperback and hardcover books with ease, or use the built-in keyhole hanger to mount it on your wall for a fully hands-free experience. Each light comes with an extra-long USB cable, plug-in charger, and carrying bag. When the battery level is below 25 percent full the lighting base will give you a visual cue to recharge.

A, B, Zzzzzzz. Amazon

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If you just want to “finish this chapter” before getting some shut-eye this reading light is the one for you. It was 3 levels of brightness and each one is specifically designed to be 99 percent free of blue-spectrum light which will reduce eye-strain and encourage the production of Melatonin. It weighs only 2.5 ounces and has a 7-inch flexible arm for 360-degree coverage. Each light comes with a 36-inch charging cable; in just about 4 hours of charging you could have 30 hours of reading. It can clamp onto 1.5 inches of material, which makes it perfect for any book or headboard. The Hooga light will cast a warm, amber glow over each and every word on the page.

Colorful and consistent. Amazon

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This colorful reading light is a cute, fun way to keep up with your reading without too much disruption. It has seven LED lights, four for warm light and three for cool white, you also have the option of turning on all seven for a mix. Each lighting option can be turned on at a low, medium, or high level of brightness. The adjustable clip makes it great for thin and thick reading material and the battery can last for up top 60 hours on the low-level setting. Vekkia also makes this light in black, white, and red so you can choose your favorite, or collect them all.

No cable to get tangled. Amazon

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If you really aren’t looking to add another cable to your charging port but still need a great book light this battery-powered, portable light from Might Bright will do the trick. It has two energy-efficient LED bulbs and two brightness levels that will cast a wide, white light onto your pages. It requires three AAA batteries and the first batch will be included with your purchase. Choose from teal, black, or white, and get ready to dive back into your favorite novel.