How can you be expected to do anything before you’ve had your coffee? How can you be expected to make coffee before you’ve had your coffee? This is an age-old problem solved easily by the instant Nespresso machine. Pop in a pod, press a button, and voila! Velvety espresso with a gorgeous crema streams like magic into your mug. But it gets better—your favorite coffee brands are now making their own Nespresso pods, so you’re not limited to Nespresso brand coffee alone. Expand your flavor horizon and explore the many options now available for your high-convenience coffee machine. Here are some of our favorites available now.

Italian culture in your kitchen. Amazon

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All blended and roasted in Italy, the variety of coffees in this pack is hard to match. You get six boxes of ten pods each. Three of the boxes are short-pour espresso blends. Two of the boxes are lungo or long-pour blends. The final is a box of decaf for when you need a break from the harder stuff. All flavors range from medium to dark roast, and the Luggero Lungo and Armonico Espresso are 100 percent arabica.

Cafe in your home. Amazon

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Bring the comfort of Starbucks to your own home! You’ll get five boxes of varying roasts from intensity level 7 (a blonde roast) to level 11 (a dark roast). While all of these pods will work for either ristretto, espresso, or lungo size, the Pike Place and Single Origin Columbia roasts are meant to be poured lungo. The Caffe Verona dark roast is best served espresso-style, and the Espresso Roast pours well as both ristretto and espresso. These pods work with any original Nespresso machines.

Simple perfection. Amazon

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The quintessential espresso—Café Bustelo have been at it for almost a century. Now, you can enjoy their dark roast espresso at the push of a button and for a serious bargain. If you want no-nonsense, deeply flavorful espresso, this is the pack for you.

A range of dark flavors. Amazon

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For you espresso heads, Peet’s is serving up five different dark roast espresso blends in this wild sampler pack. You’ll get ten pods of each blend from the low-intensity ricchezza to the super dark nerissimo. A decaf pack is also included. Peet’s espressos are all high quality 100 percent arabica, and you’ll have a ball trying them all.