Forget using scissors to tend to your indoor our outdoor plants. A pruner should be your go-tool for trimming and shaping your flora and fauna while preserving plant tissue and extending the life of your greenery. Consider the type of handle, blade, and other features you’ll need in a gardening tool while browsing some of the best picks below.

Best overall: Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2

Strong Blades

This Swiss-made tool is a reliable standby for home and professional gardeners. Amazon

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This pruner has two steel, curved blades and an ergonomic, rubber handle to absorb any shock from more intensive cuts. It comes from a legacy brand with a reliable design that gardeners have tested and approved for decades. As one reviewer said, this knife can cut and trim “rose bushes like it’s butter.”

Value pick: ARS HP-130DX 7-Inch Ideal Light Pruner

For Lighter Jobs

If you have smaller hands, consider this option. Amazon

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For even the most novice gardeners and trimmers, this one-handed tool can tackle bushes, branches, and stems with minimal force required from you. They’re lightweight and portable, and its chrome-plated blades can last a lifetime.

Best ergonomic: gonicc 8″ Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

Work For Longer

These sturdy blades can tackle a variety of tree and plant species. Amazon

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These incredibly sharp blades are extra enticing for heftier jobs, and their foam handles stand out as a comfortable feature for regular use. These clippers have steel blades and a sap groove that prevents sticky buildup from clogging up a job.

Best adjustable: Corona Clipper BP 4214 Flex Dial Bypass Pruner

Find Your Comfort Setting

This option is ideal for households where multiple people will be using the same tool. Amazon

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This gardening tool has an anodized aluminum dial feature with levels between one and eight to adjust for any hand strength and level of cut. You can simply spin the dial until the tool feels most comfortable for you, then prune away. It also has non-slip, gel handles to enhance your performance.

Best two-handed: BERGER Tools Hedge Shear

Use Extra Force

This quality, advanced pick is less intimidating than it looks. Amazon

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These German-made, wooden-handled shears are excellent for lopping away at hedges and trees of any size. You can adjust the blade tension to achieve a more precise cut, and they weigh fewer than three pounds to support long periods of use.