Pet cameras for when your animal pals are home alone

Keep an eye on your small fry.

dog in front of a pink wall
Eyes on the prize.Victor Grabarczyk via Unsplash

There’s always a little anxiety associated with leaving a pet at home on its own. You want to be sure that your dog or cat is happy and healthy...and that it’s not tearing the couch to shreds. A pet camera not only allows you to watch your fuzzy friends on your phone, but many make it possible to interact with them. You can talk to your pets and hear them bark, purr, or meow back. Some pet cams even let you play with your animal or toss them a treat. So worry not! Keep tabs on your animal companion when away or at work with one of these wonderful pet cameras.

Furbo Dog Camera
Dispenses treats.Amazon

This 1080p high-quality pet camera has a sensor that tells you when your dog is barking, and two-way audio allows you to speak back. Furbo also dispenses treats on command, so you can easily calm your pup down and show it a little love from afar. The view is 160 degrees and has night-vision. Furbo is also Alexa compatible.

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy & Alexa Built-In
Has a laser toy for playing with your pet.Amazon

This is one of the top pet cameras on the market, and it’s a lot of fun to use. It has a 1080p, 160-degree view as well as night vision. It also has a 4x zoom function that lets you look at your pet up close. Petcube’s laser toy can be manipulated manually or set to auto, and watching your pet follow the laser is highly entertaining. The app will send you sound and motion alerts when your pet is active, and you can chat with it via two way audio. Petcube also fully functions as an Alexa assistant, so you can use it to play music, order groceries, and more using just your voice.

Victure 1080P FHD Pet Camera
Less interactive with a wide field of vision.Amazon

This is a high-value product at a low price. The dome-shaped camera has a wide field of vision—1080p with 355-degree horizontal rotation and 100-degree vertical rotation. It also has pan, tilt, and zoom functions. While it is less interactive than other pet cameras, it does feature two-way audio and sound/motion sensors. It also has advanced night vision that lets you see as far as 30 feet in pitch darkness.

Conico 1080P HD Wireless Pet Camera with Sound and Motion Detection Two-Way Audio
Also functions well as a security camera.Amazon

The Conico gives you a full 1080p view of the room it’s in with 350-degree pan, 100-degree tilt, and 8x zoom functions. It has two-way audio and is compatible with Alexa. The Conico doubles well as a security camera for a number of reasons. For one, its night vision function allows you to see as far as 32 feet in full darkness. The camera also automatically follows motion it detects, tracking all activity in its surroundings. It features cloud storage or optional micro SD card storage, so you can revisit old footage if necessary. The Conico is a strong multifaceted option.