Traditional shelf cabinets are not designed with efficiency in mind. It’s hard to organize food products of all different shapes and sizes, and nearly impossible to see what you have in the back. This inherently creates mess and waste—where your back stored items are left unnoticed and maybe even spoiling. When planning meals it’s not easy to even know if you already have the food you need.

No matter your specific needs, every home chef and family kitchen can benefit from a well organized pantry. With the right organizers, you can create an efficient and waste-free kitchen. We found some great options for stacking, storing, and organizing your pantry that will transform your kitchen.

Pantry must-have. Amazon

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This stackable can / jar rack is a great way to save space and to store staple pantry items. The rack can accommodate various size cylinders (like cans of beans), and comes with plastic dividers to separate rows. Sturdy metal design can be assembled quickly without tools. Please note there is a bar on the back that makes it possible to only load in cans/jars from the front.

Stackable with customizable. Amazon

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This is a great set for pantry organization and keeping dry goods fresh as these containers are airtight. A larger set then some, this set has 14 containers of various sizes—and has a feature that really sets it apart, namely that all the lids are the same size and interchangeable. The containers are made of BPA-free plastic and stackable—plus the set comes with 32 chalkboard labels and a marker. Please note, care must be taken when cleaning and hand washing is recommended.

Simply reach in. Amazon

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These storage bins are a great option for ease of use. The open front makes them more practical than rectangular bins as you can reach in a grab what you need. This open front feature makes this a good choice for upper pantry cabinets. They are clear plastic, BPA-free, and require hand washing only. These are larger capacity and designed to hold a variety of pantry products.

Kid-sized treats. Amazon

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This organizer is designed for individual wrapped single serving snacks. The organizer is a lazy susan that rotates 360 degrees. The two-shelf system holds 12 different types of bars on the top, and has an open shelf on the bottom for smaller items like single serve chip bags. Please note the bar size dividers are not adjustable. This can really be a space saver in your cabinet getting rid of protein bar boxes that are often half empty. It’s also a good choice for busy families to make lunch and snack packing quicker.