Whether you’re touching up a spot that’s peeling, decorating your child’s room, or making that long envisioned accent wall a reality, painter’s tape is a necessary and affordable tool that delivers razor-sharp paint lines and professional results. Unlike regular masking tape, the semi-permanent removable adhesive of painter’s tape is versatile and capable of multi-surface use including wood trim, painted walls, tile floor, and glass windows. Using the right tape will save you time, hassle, and money. Keep reading to pick the perfect rolls for your creative venture.


Half a Dozen Included

Sticks to walls for up to 14 days without leaving behind damage or sticky residue.

Painter’s tape comes in different adhesive levels. Deciding which one to use depends on the surface and environment. High adhesion tape is typical for exterior projects, while medium adhesion tape is best for interior projects that require a longer period of time to complete. Light adhesion tape is for interior projects with delicate surfaces and causes the least damage.

For Pros and DIYers

Can be used for interior or exterior projects, including on wood, glass, and metal. Amazon

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Painter’s tape comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, so consider your desired surface coverage to determine the right tape dimensions for your project. Most rolls contain 60 yards of tape, which can run out fast. Instead of individual rolls, invest in handy and practical six packs.

Available in a variety of colors

Works for textured and semi-rough surfaces. Moisture and UV resistant for outdoor jobs. Amazon

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Painter’s tape can be used to design stripes, diamonds, and patterns that give your walls extra flair. This versatile tape can also be used to child-proof electrical outlets, label leftovers, create social distance markings, and much more.