No one wants to be caught under a snack or linen avalanche every time they open their pantry. Instead of precariously balancing soup cans or wrangling loose fruits, solve your organization and storage woes with some bins and baskets. Here are our favorite stackable, slidable, and affordable picks to keep your pantry neat and treats within reach.

Most versatile: mDesign Deep Plastic Food Storage Container Bin with Handles

Easy To See

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These four durable BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic bins are great for maximizing storage space in the refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, cupboards, pantry shelves or inside drawers. These 10-by-6.5-by-8-inch bins can hold any food or kitchen essentials and are perfect for canned goods, dry goods, boxed drinks, cheese, meat, and vegetables. You can also use them to organize playrooms, utility rooms, bathrooms, and more. Stack or use them side by side to create the storage solution that works best for you.

Best value: Teyyvn Plastic Storage Basket

Cutest Design

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This set of six plastic storage baskets from Teyyvn is perfect for home storage in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Each basket is 10 x 7.59 x 4.09-inch and great for holding food, medication, toiletries, and more. The neutral gray color and woven-wicker design makes these baskets a stylish and versatile addition to any room. Plus you can stack them and save space when not in use.

Most durable: Gorgeous Stackable Wire Baskets


Farm-style option for any setting. Amazon

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Stay on top of clutter in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, attic, and other areas in your home with the GranRosi farmhouse style metal basket pair. The large bronze wire metal storage baskets offer ample space to organize cans, fruit, vegetables, scarves, socks, office supplies, toys and all your essentials. With convenient handles, you can move, carry, and lift each wire container easily. Each basket comes with a blank label, so you always know where to find what you’re looking for.

Space-saver: Titan Mall Stackable Storage Bins

Pastel Beauties

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Built with a premium quality plastic body and mesh design, Titan Mall stackable baskets are convenient to see inside and provide great ventilation to keep foods fresh and dry. With semi-open fronts, you can access items without rearranging baskets. Each 15-by-10-by-7-inch bin is a different color—blue, green, pink, and khaki—which makes it easy to color-code organize the pantry, playroom, bathroom, and garage. When stacked, these sturdy baskets can stand in any nook and corner in your home.