Acquiring coffee mugs is easy. For less than $20 you can pick up a souvenir, support your local coffee shop, or indulge your terrible taste in jokes. Chances are you’ve also received mugs as gifts and maybe even a ceramic set handcrafted by an artisan. Yet day after day, you use the same two mugs at the front of your cabinet so you don’t have to move everything on the shelf. With these well-designed mug holders, make sure all of your top choices are easily accessible and in regular rotation.

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Depending on if you prefer extra-large mugs or delicate tea cups, you’ll be able to fit up to six mugs on this simple mug tree. At 15 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 7 inches in diameter, you can feature it as a centerpiece on your sideboard or set it on your countertop next to the coffee pot. This sleek and modern design is available in a chrome or copper finish to complement your decor. Angled “branches” keep your mugs where you want them although you can still blame the tree when that hideous mug someone gave you “accidentally” ends up in a dozen pieces on your linoleum floor.

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If you have a set of mugs in an array of colors or matching patterns, this small metal mug tree is a nice way to display them. It’s just 10 inches tall with a 6-inch diameter at the base. The s-curved arms, distinct feet, and wrapped wire design above the base are reminiscent of iron grill work on gates and balconies, and fit both modern and rustic kitchens. People who love to entertain might consider getting a couple of them and setting them out on the table after dinner so guests can select their mug of choice to go with coffee and dessert.

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Cabinets are great, but you can’t just pile mugs on top of each other on a shelf and expect to grab the one you want without a hassle. Screw this attractive copper-red metal hardware to the underside of a shelf instead and access up to a dozen mugs more easily while freeing up space for saucers, teaspoons, coffee beans, and more. Be sure to measure your cabinet before purchase to ensure you can still close the cabinet doors when your mugs are in place. The hardware is 20 inches long, 9 inches wide and 2.75 inches in height.

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Declare your dedication to brewing delicious cups of caffeinated bean water with this 8-hook wall-mounted mug organizer. Clear letters in a stencil-like font across the top of this pinewood piece spell out the word that for many means a new idea, a deadline met, or the beginning of a new day. It’s available in a rustic brown stain, white, or grey, and is 13 inches wide and 17 inches long. You’ll need to purchase your own hardware to securely mount it to the wall, and consider drywall anchors to support the weight of your mugs.