With warmer weather comes a million reasons to venture outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Unfortunately, biting insects and mosquitoes usually follow suit, and these annoying critters can put a serious damper on your outdoor recreation, turning enjoyable activities into a miserable, itchy nightmare. Reclaim the great outdoors and keep your body bite-free no matter where you venture using these tried-and-true mosquito and bug repelling tools.

Here are some of the best mosquito repellent tools currently available.

Spray-on invisibility cloak. Amazon

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This classic bug-repellent body spray is formulated to fend off ticks, biting flies and other unsavory critters in addition to mosquitoes. It’s available in a pack of two or a pack of four and is designed to have a dry, powdery texture on contact with skin instead of an uncomfortable oily finish. If you’re hiking, camping or just spending ample time in the great outdoors, this spray will keep you comfortable and save your skin.

225 square feet of coverage in a portable package. Amazon

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Guard a whole 15 foot radius of outdoor space with this camp fuel-powered mosquito repeller from Thermacell. It comes with four repellent mats that offer four hours each of protection without DEET or sprays – simply bring your own fuel, screw the repeller to the top, and click the repeller on to ignite. The repellent mats turn from blue to white when it’s time to replace, and you can stow the whole unit in the included waterproof bag when it’s time to store or move it.

Flexible choice with an ambience boost built in. Amazon

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Citronella candles are another popular and time-tested method for repelling mosquitoes outdoors, and this set of triple-wick, 20-ounce candles from Cutter is one of the best options if you’re looking to go the candle route. The six included Is small enough to allow for strategic placement around your yard, making them perfect for covering a wide swath of space if you’re entertaining. Set one up at the grill, a few on the table, and one near the fire pit—these candles flex to your needs. Each burns for up to 40 hours.

Wide-area lawn treatment. Amazon

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Spraying down your garden is another viable strategy for long-term safeguarding from bugs, and this spray from Cutter offers wide coverage and up to four weeks of bug repellent action even after it rains. The nozzle hooks right to your hose and is designed for spraying over large areas like lawns, hedges and other outdoor surfaces. In addition to keeping away mosquitoes, it also works on ants, fleas and earwigs, so your outdoor experience can be truly enjoyed bug-free.