One of the most prevalent types of mops on the market relies on disposable pads, which presents a problem for eco-conscious consumers. Fortunately, you don’t have to go back to a string mop and tin pail to get your home clean with less waste. These four mops tackle jobs big or small, with useful features that fit a variety of homes. While your results may vary, all of these models also double as an air guitar or dance partner.

Elegant and reusable: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop


Allows you to use your own liquid soap solutions. Amazon

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If you like to experiment with vinegar, water, and essential oils to make cleaners that are free of irritating fragrances and harsh bleach, this mop is a great fit. Mix your solution with hot water in the included bottle, secure it to the mop, and dispense as you clean using the spray trigger. This model also comes with three reusable microfiber cleaning pads that attach to the mop head and can be washed up to 100 times in your machine before you’ll need to buy new ones. You can also purchase a dry dusting pad if you want to use it without liquid.

Old-school update: Hurricane Spin Mop


Foot-powered pedal helps to clean and remove dirt from material. Amazon

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Industrial mop buckets with built-in wringers are often bright yellow to caution others that the floor surrounding it may be slippery. This spin mop and wringer bucket set gives you the benefits of a more traditional design without looking like you’re about to clean up a biohazard. Clean floors from hardwood to tile with the machine washable microfiber mop head. Once you’ve completed your rounds of mopping, rinsing, and wringing, you can drain out the dirty water by opening a plug at the base of the bucket.

Best for large areas: 24″ Professional Microfiber Mop


Works for floors, as well as walls and ceilings. Amazon

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If your home has substantially more hardwood and tile than carpet and there is a lot of exposed floorspace, this extra-long rectangular mop is likely a better choice than the Rubbermaid Reveal. Yes, you’ll also need a bucket to rinse the three reusable microfiber mop pads this set comes with, but you’ll get a 24-inch wide swath of cleaning power compared to about 16.5 inches with the Reveal. The included dust pad has two types of microfiber for dry-mopping pet hair and capturing smaller particles. A swivel lock for the 360-degree rotating handle is a great feature if you plan on mopping walls and ceilings.

Most powerful: Shark Handheld Cleaners Steam Mop


All you need is water. Amazon

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If you want to skip harsh floor chemicals entirely, consider steaming your hard floors clean. When you flip the head of this mop to unleash a blast of steam on stubborn spots it might feel more like a dragon than a shark, but either way the Shark steam mop takes push mops to the next level. The corded electric system includes washable double-sided pads that attach to the mop head, and weigh just a few pounds. When you’re done, just press the button to release the reusable pad directly into your laundry basket without having to touch the dirt and grime you just removed.