You don’t need a ceramics wheel class to start creating with clay. Grab a set of air-dry or polymer clay and start sculpting little toys or jewelry in your living room. They’re easy to work with, highly malleable, and just requires air drying or a home oven to set. Use it to create tiny accessories or realistic sculptures—something both you and your kids can enjoy.

For kids: Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay

Sculpt Their Little Heart Out

A great way to encourage young sculptors. Amazon

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This versatile clay set is a great way to start creating. It comes with 24 colors of air-dry clay, with matching sealed bags to store your clay so it won’t harden when not in use. It comes with three clay sculpting tools and a tutorial book. Air-dry clay is nontoxic, and lighter and softer to work with than polymer clay (so it’s great for kids). Once you’re done creating, just leave your masterpiece out to harden. It won’t stick to your work table, and if this set of colors isn’t enough, you can twist and combine to create new colors.

Best all-purpose: Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay

Shape And Bake

A versatile block of material to turn into jewelry or characters. Amazon

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For the most freedom in creating, you’ll want to start with something simple, like a big old chunk of polymer clay. It molds like ceramic clay, but can be easily baked in the oven. After you shape and bake it, you can carve your sculpture, add color with acrylic paint or glazes, drill or sand it, design figurines, ornaments, tiny dishes, or anything else you can imagine.

Best for everyone: Polymer Clay 50 Colors Oven Bake Clay

Takes 24 Hours To Harden

Bundle comes with a booklet and other helpful items. Amazon

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To jump into creating, grab this 50-color set of oven bake polymer clay. It comes with a book with how-tos for 27 models that are easy enough even for a first-time clay artist, and a set of accessories like keychain or earring hooks for your tiny Totoro creations.