Designing a nursery for your baby is also an opportunity for you to see the world through an infant’s eyes. Hanging mobiles are a timeless fixture over cribs and changing tables that can engage your child with colors, movement, and even sounds as part of a nurturing environment. Here are four standout mobiles for tiny humans that range from simple to stimulating.

Capture their attention with these adorable shapes. Amazon

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We can’t tell you if eight colorful dragons gently spinning in the breeze will lull your infant into peaceful dreams, but they will certainly add a touch of whimsy and imagination to your decor. This mobile is made felt and bamboo.

Sleep under the ocean. Amazon

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This ocean-themed mobile from California-based company Lambs & Ivy is made of plastic and plush polyester and attaches to your child’s crib with a 27-inch arm. The design features a grey quadropus masquerading as an octopus and suspending cute whales and fish from its tentacles. The fishy cylinder above its head is a music box, which works with AAA batteries to play three soothing favorites including the Brahms lullaby.

The cutest design. Amazon

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Every time you run errands or go for a walk around the neighborhood with your infant, new sights and sounds can be experienced. A familiar distraction in the midst of change can be good for both of you. This small battery-powered and portable mobile weighs about a pound and has an adjustable arm, velcro strap and a clip to attach it to bassinets, strollers, and play yards. Turn on the mobile to spin the unique black and white patterned characters silently, or play up to thirty minutes of music with five different melodies as the characters revolve.

Whatever you do, don’t wake the baby! Amazon

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This all-in-one baby noise machine, mobile, and light projector comes with a remote so you can restart it without disturbing your baby’s sweet slumber. Three charming bears dressed in blue, pink, and green onesies and sporting fanciful butterfly wings gently go round and round to a selection of music, white noise, or nature sounds—while stars are projected on your walls. Remove the mobile from the main base containing the projector and soother and clip it to your stroller canopy for play dates, or use the base separately on a table or nightstand.