Milk frothers to make the perfect foam

The must-have kitchen device for fantastic frothy drinks.

Love the delicious foamy texture of the perfect cappuccino? Or the airy bubbles in a tasty milkshake? With a milk frother, you can be a barista in your own kitchen. These handy devices can transform any milky drink—hot or cold. They’re useful if you want to make your own homemade whipped cream or add some frothy fun to cocktails. They can even be used to whip up egg whites to a fluff while making your favourite omelettes. But what kind of milk frother would suit you? Keep reading to find out…

Durable and Stylish

High-quality stainless steel and non-stick coating interior for hygienic cleaning and a long lifespan. Miroco

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When choosing a milk frother, it’s important to consider where you will be using it the most. If you like frothy drinks both at work and home, it’s worth having a small, portable device that you can carry in your bag. Super convenient—and it might make you popular in the staff kitchen!

Foams and Heats

Has the capacity to warm up as well as aerate your drink and beeps twice to tell you it’s finished. Lavazza

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When buying a frother, there are three main varieties to choose from: manual, handheld, and automatic. Manual and handheld are generally the cheapest so if your budget is small, it’s best to choose one of these. If you want a model with more advanced features—including the ability to do both heated and cold foam—opt for an automatic one.

Quick and Easy

This battery-operated device whips up any liquid in only 15-30 seconds. Zulay

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If you want to create a wonderful bubbly foam in a short amount of time, a milk frother can make life much easier. These devices aren’t just for coffees. You can use them to create fluffy egg whites, whipped cream, cocktails, protein shakes, and more!