Some coffee drinks cost more than a breakfast sandwich. Yet who can resist the delicious combination of espresso and milk that offers what we need to get us through another work day. Can you put a price on a drink that starts to taste like hope? You can, apparently, and it’s rapidly approaching $6. Fortunately, making your espresso drinks at home can give you the reviving you need and still keep you accountable to your budget. A good milk frother produces creamy, bubbly, foam for cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos. Here are four excellent choices.

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This Bodum device looks similar to a French press, but functions as a manual milk frother. You’ll need to plunge 8 ounces of milk from 60-90 times to achieve a nice foam, but that can be kind of fun—even cathartic—in a world where so many things happen at the touch of a button. The body is made from borosilicate heat-resistant glass, so pop it into the microwave after frothing to heat the milk—just remove the plastic lid and plunger first. All parts are dishwasher-safe for a convenient clean-up.

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Electric frothers can heat your milk in minutes with or without froth for a variety of beverages from espresso drinks to cocoa and matcha lattes. This stainless steel model has a non-stick interior and froths 8.5 oz or heats 16.9 oz of milk at a time. While the base needs to be plugged in, the frother itself is cordless, making it easy to transfer your foam to your drink. The device shuts off automatically when done to provide a little extra peace of mind when you’re scrambling to get out the door.

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Compared to the average electric frother, you’ll get a choice of two settings for hot foam with the Aeroccino to give you more control over your bubbles. The chrome frother has a ceramic interior for people who want to avoid non-stick materials, and heats a cup of milk or froths a half cup of milk at a time. While frothing non-dairy milks can produce widely different results depending on their ingredients, you can experiment with oat, almond, coconut, or soy blends to find what works best.

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This frother features a beautiful stainless steel jug, which sits upon an electric base and allows you to dial in different temperatures for your milk using induction heating. As you warm your milk, add cocoa powder or syrup into the jug for a delicious cocoa. For frothed milk, add a disc of your choice to the jug—there’s one for latte-style froth and one for cappuccino-style—which spins your milk into foam. You can make up to three cups of frothed milk at a time, and the jug is dishwasher-safe.