Whether you’re shuffling around the house, relaxing on the patio, or making a quick grocery run, having a comfortable and durable pair of slippers to lounge or get around is essential. Not only do slippers cushion and warm your feet, they also protect your feet against contracting bacterial or fungal infections at your home. Wearing supportive, cushioned slippers at home is also a great way to help prevent or alleviate back, knee, and hip pain. Their gripped soles also help avoid household accidents that can occur in slippery socks. Here are our favorite pairs.


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Not all slippers are the same. There are moccasins, scuff slippers, bootie slippers, clog slippers, and even slipper socks, to name a few. Consider the various types of slippers before settling on the pair that fits your personal style.


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When choosing a pair of slippers, consider the liner fabric. Slipper linings are made from silk, velvet, terry cloth, suede, cotton, and synthetic (but sometimes real) fur and leather. Ultimately the slipper lining you pick comes down to your own preference and sense of comfort.


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Also keep in mind the setting and intended purpose of your slippers. Are they mainly for indoor or outdoor use? Leisure or functionality? Will they be worn in cold, warm, or dry climates? Once you figure this out, you can buy a pair of slippers designed with materials that fits your individual needs.