These massagers make excellent gifts

Gifts for your loved ones, gifts for yourself.

Getting a loved one a gift card to the spa is a great idea, sure, but more often than not it’s a gift that can only be used once, leaving your loved one longing for relaxation in the future. A personal massager is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Your family member or friend will be able to relieve tension from the comfort of their home whenever they need it. A personal massager is super easy to use and unbelievably effective when it comes to easing sore muscles, working out knots, and eliminating pain. We have done some digging and found some of the best personal massagers to gift.

Best overall: Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager

Super Comfortable Fabric

Strap in, sit back, and relax. Amazon

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This personal massager can hit all of the tender spots: neck, calves, lower backs, abdomen, and shoulders. Plus, it’s heated which encourages blood circulation for ultimate muscle relaxation. This miracle worker can simulate a bi-directional massage as well as deep kneading, with 8 different settings. You can easily adjust the speed, direction, and heat (which ranges between 104-113 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s super quiet so you can feel free to use it at the office or while little ones are sleeping. Made for a variety of body types, this personal massager should keep everyone happy from Grandpa Joe to cousin Jane.

The best: RENPHO Portable Massage Gun

Hardcore Relief

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A massage gun can sometimes feel like an intimidating way to attack sore muscles but they work wonders on the toughest spots. This gun, in particular, can do the trick. It’s super lightweight (only 1.5 pounds) and easy to travel with (it measures 7.3 by 7.9 inches) so you can take it to the office, gym, hotel, you name it. It has five speeds to specifically address certain areas of massage, the slowest wakes up the muscles, then comes the elimination of lactic acid, muscle recovery, fascia release, and the highest speed is for a deep tissue massage. This gun also comes with five different heads: a bullet for sore joints, a flat head for all parts of the body, an air cushion for sensitive muscles, a ball for larger muscle groups like the back, and a fork for the neck and spine.

Easiest to use: Hangsun Handheld Back Massager

Most Versatile

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This handheld massager will solve all your back problems without straining yourself even further to reach the right spot. It features dual head percussion that can reach up to 3,500 pulses per minute for a deep, targeted massage. It comes with 3 interchangeable massage nodes, a 98-inch power cord, and variable speed control for a customized massage. The extra-long handle makes it super easy to reach your back without asking for help. This is a great gift for your friends who need to release some tension without bending over backward.

Best kit: OBETOR Massage Balls

Manual Option

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If your loved one isn’t super keen on a high-tech personal massager, you can’t go wrong with massage balls. They are extremely effective, the most portable, and easiest to use. A massage ball is used by physical therapists across the globe to address pressure points, myofascial relief, reducing pain. They are particularly effective for those with a lot of tension in the feet. This kit five balls to use for specific issues; they include a mobility ball for muscle tightness in the back, a lacrosse ball safe spine massage, a peanut ball for other connective tissue, a spiky ball for the feet or forearms, and a hand exercise ball. Your loved one can address all their needs with just five simple tools.