Wearing a protective mask is critical for halting the spread of lots of illnesses, so it makes sense people are finding creative ways to cover up their noses and mouths. Some are donning bandanas and others are sewing homemade masks or stocking up on disposables.

If your mask of choice puts a strain on your ears, consider a mask extender. These simple additions connect the two bands that normally go behind your ears, making sure that you stay comfortable while protecting your community. Here are some of our favorite mask extenders available.

Most comfortable. Amazon

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This soft silicone mask extender has three sizes that fit adults and children alike. The material is anti slip, so your mask will stay attached. You get four extenders in colors grey, white, blue, and pink.

Aesthetically pleasing and subtle. Amazon

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These black extenders are made of silicone and have four sizes to suit different head girths. They are flexible, lightweight and sleek-looking. If you’re looking for something well-designed but subtle, this is a good choice. One order gets you 10 extenders.

Minimal and no nonsense. Amazon

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Made of polypropylene, these are durable, comfortable, and come in four sizes. They are available in black or blue and one order gets you five extenders. They are easy to clean and prevent ear pain.

Works for any size head. Amazon

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These are your most flexible option, since the straps allow you to define the tightness to your exact liking. They also sit snugly on the bottom or your neck as opposed to the middle of your head. This keeps them from matting down your hair. Since the straps are made of cotton, they are not as simple to clean as other extenders, but they make up for this shortcoming in the comfort department. One order comes with four pieces: two for adults and two shorter ones for children.