If you’re spending the bulk of your day behind a screen, it’s sure to be safer and more enjoyable if that screen is closer to eye level or even higher. A laptop stand can help lift your computer to a more convenient height as well as provide ventilation opportunities and add a degree of professionalism to your home office. Quit hunching over your desk or dining table, and pick up one of the stands below.

Best for travel: Roost Laptop Stand

Slim When Packed Up

You won’t be limited to one height with this product. Amazon

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If you’re frequently on the go, this stand is easy enough to collapse into your bag and then unfold at your office or during a presentation. You can choose whether you’d like anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of height, and the rubber and polycarbonate make a light enough stand that you can easily move it around. People like to use this stand with a seated or standing desk, and it has front clamps to prevent your machine from slipping.

Best wide: Monitor Stand Riser with Vented Metal

Room For It To Breathe

If your device is seemingly always overheated, this equipment is for you. Amazon

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This platform stand is wide enough to fit a mouse pad or other desk supplies on either edge of your machine, if you’re a person who is constantly reaching for note paper or pens. Its steel body can accommodate up to 44 pounds of weight and elevates a machine up to 4 inches; it’s incredibly easy to install the legs to the surface. As an added bonus, this stand is unlikely to go without use; it can serve as a functional organizing space or hold other office technology, including a printer.

Versatile: Soundance Laptop Stand

Super Sturdy

This lightweight, portable piece can elevate basically any machine. Amazon

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This stand comes in four different colors that are likely to match your machine. Beyond aesthetics, it can support a laptop that’s between 10 and 15.6 inches, and it gives a 6-inch boost thanks to a sleek ergonomic design. The sturdy metal stand comes in three pieces, so it can be assembled in a snap.

Budget pick: Klsniur Laptop Stand

Backup Option For Travel

Pick the best angle for your next remote work meeting. Amazon

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This no-frills portable stand is compatible with most devices under 15.6 inches, including tablets. It comes in two neutral tones and features a viewing angle to achieve the best view to reduce your eye strain and neck pain or headaches. The angle is also adjustable on three different heights, so you always achieve the best angle for your next remote meeting.