As mobile and portable devices become more and more sophisticated, the traditional desktop computer seems increasingly like a relic of the past. The laptop is the new center of your computing universe, so it’s time to make using it a lot more comfortable.

We found some accessories and add-ons that will keep you from hunching over your computer like some kind of tech-obsessed Gollum. Kick back and pamper yourself a little while you work.

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The worst feeling in the world is getting all settled for lap top work only to realize you’ve forgotten a pen or your phone, necessitating you having to extricate yourself out from under your computer to get up and take care of it. The Huanuo option minimizes that risk considerably, offering up a functional lap desk that optimizes comfort and convenience. Featuring a pen holder and a phone or tablet stand, this desk is lightweight and also comes with a padded wrist rest, mouse pad, and durable underside cushions. Everything you need, all within reach.

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The idea of comfort can take many forms. It can be something that protects your wrists or guards against neck strain—it can also mean something that feel secure that you can do your work quickly and efficiently with the help of an external keyboard and mouse. The Kokovolta USB hub allows you to plug in up to 4 USB devices at a time, whether you need it for file access or just as a hand charging station. It also features a removable sticky pad on the bottom so the hub doesn’t slide around your desk, and its sleek design keeps it from becoming an eyesore.

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Able to comfortably mount laptops in a range of sizes from 10 to 17 inches (making it compatible with most MacBooks, Surface Laptops, Dell XPS laptops, and Google Pixelbooks), this stand offers adjustable heights and angles, and the air-flow design helps keep your computer cool while you work. Anti-skid pads keep your laptop in place, and the stand folds down and can be easily broken up for easy storage and carrying. Your neck will thank you.