Affordable knife blocks to keep your blades safe and sharp

Take care of your kitchen knives.

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A cut above the rest.Creatv Eight via Unsplash

Sharp knives in a variety of types are a must-have for home chefs paring fresh garnishes and perfectly sliced vegetables. With pro-level knife ownership comes a responsibility to keep pointy objects carefully stored, both to protect the blade from dings that blunt its usefulness and to protect others from unexpected jabs. These four knife blocks provide options that keep you safer in style, so you have absolutely no excuses for cavalierly tossing your blades in the drawer.

Oou Universal Knife Block Holder
Ready, set, chop.Amazon

If you have pets (and their requisite fur) or can’t commit to having your blades bone dry before putting them away, this knife block is a great alternative to the traditional wooden kind. Up to twelve knives including a cleaver or bread knife can fit into the round container, which features rubber slots to minimize abrasion. It’s 9.25 inches high and just over 5 inches in diameter, and has holes in the bottom to avoid trapping moisture. To wash it, just remove the cap.

Bellemain 100 Percent Pure Bamboo in Drawer Knife Block
When the countertop is too risky.Amazon

A knife block may look neat and organized next to your toaster, but if you’ve got a toddler who is discovering their superpowers of destruction it’s not a smart idea. Instead, store up to 16 knives in this bamboo organizer, which fits in many (lockable) drawers and measures 17 inches long, just over 5 inches wide, and 2 inches high (without knives). There are slots for both wide and narrow knives, so you have a place for small serrated blades as well as a chef knife. Clean it with soap and water, and rub with oil every now and then to help preserve the finish.

Kitchendao Magnetic Knife Holder
Display your skills.Amazon

With this magnetic knife holder, you can display your fine kitchen tools for all to see and avoid the accumulation of crumbs or dirt that can happen in slotted wooden blocks. This sturdy solid block weighs about four pounds, and has a metal stand with anti-slip feet. The magnets have 900 G (gauss) of strength, and hold a mix of approximately five wider and narrow blades up to nine inches in length. It will not work with ceramic knives because they aren’t magnetic, and should be used with caution as arranging your knives at odd angles can be very dangerous.

20 Slot Universal Knife Block: Shenzhen Knives
An artful presentation.Amazon

If a wooden knife block is on your kitchen wish list, one made with bamboo is a more sustainable choice that is also very attractive. This large block is 8 inches high, 5.25 inches wide, and 11 inches long, and holds up to 19 knives, with an additional slot for kitchen shears or a sharpening rod. Serious chefs can study the helpful diagrams that detail the exact dimensions of the slots to make sure it holds their entire collection (just note that the width of your knife’s handle will also impact the fit as the knives are stored vertically). The slots are also angled for easy of use, so you aren’t pulling straight up into the bottom of your cabinets.