A grater is an essential kitchen tool. Need to add lemon zest into your pie filling? Top off a pasta with parmesan? Want to finely shred carrots for a salad? You’ll want a grater. They range from multitasking box graters that sit on a kitchen counter to slim zesters you can easily store in a drawer. The best graters have sharp blades and are easy to clean. Below are some great (grate), affordable options.

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When you need a fine grind for adding lemon zest or a hard cheese to your favorite fancy pasta, grab this sleek, narrow grater. It’s made out of rust-proof stainless steel blade that stays sharp, and it’s easy to clean: just rinse it under running water. A non-slip handle is comfortable to hold, no matter how big of a chunk of cheese you’re grating. It comes in a standard and narrow width and is especially great for small kitchens.

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The slim OXO box grater is a versatile grater that you can use for anything. You can finely grate orange zest or larger slices of chocolate to decorate a dessert. Grab this four-sided, stainless steel box grater with a non-slip grip. It’s dishwasher-safe and comes with a non-slip container to grate into. It’ll keep your hand from from sliding and your sous chef from making a mess.

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When you need a no-nonsense, reliable grater like the kind favored by professional cooks, select your preferred grind of a classic microplane with plenty of grating surface area. Their microplanes range in grate size from fine, coarse, extra coarse, to ribbon or shaver. The device’s teeth won’t clog and is dishwasher safe.