Dish towels to tackle almost any mess

Save time and clean up spills quickly.

kitchen towel in a pot
Keep your kitchen and cookware clean.Caroline Attwood via Unsplash

We’ve all been there: coffee overflows from your pour over device; a kid spills milk; oil splatters outside the saucepan. A quality dish towel can absorb basically any liquid you throw its way, and it might also contain the right fibers to polish your glassware till it’s crystal-clear. And plenty of dish towels will dry quickly so they’re up for the next task, and are also washable so they last for long periods of time. While considering the right towel for you, think about thickness, material, and weight. Below are some of the most durable, effective dish towels you can buy.

Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels
These clean, multipurpose linens are a dream for home cooks and bakers.Amazon

This 12-pack of flour sack towels make excellent companions for busy meal preparation and can even act as a food strainer or help keep fresh baked goods warm. They can sop up moisture and help tackle stains on other surfaces, including rugs and carpets. As 28-inch squares, they’re more than large enough and are made of 100 percent cotton. These linens are easy to clean because you can pop them in the washing machine, and they can also act as a canvas if you’d like to embroider or customize.

Bondre Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloths
This set is attractive, well-crafted, and long-lasting.Amazon

If cotton isn’t for you, these eco-friendly cloths make a great alternative. These soft, elegant towels can go up against even the messiest food spills. Plus, bamboo is somewhat of a miracle fiber; it can help the towel repel stains and retain a fresh scent even after multiple uses. Keep in mind that the towels will shrink slightly after they’re first exposed to water.

All-Clad Reversible Cotton Kitchen Towels
Why settle for one material when you can get two?Amazon

This three-pack of dual-sided towels provides a convenient, multi-use experience: one flat side is cotton, while the other is terry cloth. These towels can quickly dry pots and pans after washing, and they are resistant to mildew and smelly odors. With stripe hues including cappuccino, chili, and cornflower, you’re bound to find a set that matches your kitchen’s design.

Hyer Kitchen Microfiber Kitchen Towels
Don’t let this lightweight fabric deceive you.Amazon

These mighty, microfiber towels are capable of dissolving big spills, plus they retain their shape after multiple washes. They’re oversized, so you’ll never wish you had more fabric, and they come in a few neutral shades to generally fit most tastes. The plush material is gentle enough to use on your most precious glassware and cookware, plus they’re thin enough to clean between tight surfaces.