Doing the dishes may be a necessary evil, but the tools you use don’t have to also bring you down. Lots of drying racks are eyesores, made from bamboo that easily molds, or unpolished steel that frequently rusts.

It doesn’t have to be that way—we’ve chosen our favorite stylish looking dish drying racks, that will actually boost the ambience of your kitchen.

Sleek and modern Japanese design. Amazon

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Yamazaki’s line of home goods brings a minimalist,Japanese-designed perspective to common use items like dish racks, valet trays, and end tables. This stylish dish rack has a steel tray, for sliding in dishes and cutlery, a plastic tray to collect water, and wooden handles, for a touch of warmth.

Same look, but a little cheaper. Amazon

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Bokywox carries the best Yamazaki dish dryer dupe. This minimalist, neutral style would look great with any type of finishing or fixture—whether you’ve styled your kitchen mid-century modern or rustic vintage.

A familiar form with an upgraded look. Amazon

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Umbra’s reliable line of home goods are always a great choice. This drying rack is no exception, with a folding form that’s similar to the most common models, with the upgrade of a flat bottom rack for cups and mugs. The materials and look are also a major upgrade.

Slim and simple. Amazon

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Sometimes the most attractive solution is not being able to see the dish drying rack at all. That’s where OXO Good Grips Compact Dish Rack comes in, with a low profile, and a small footprint. Its top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and its non-skid feet keep it in place.