There are few kids’ toys as timeless and practical as a wagon. The experience of rumbling down the sidewalk inside a miniature truck bed adds adventure to every play date or picnic. Watch siblings test their strength and pull each other around, or turn kids into transport operators while the parents clean up the yard. Unlike other toys, wagons are a tool kids and adults will find handy long after they’ve been outgrown. Here are our favorites.

Most nostalgic: Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon


Like the one you remember from childhood. Amazon

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Sometimes we buy toys for our kids, and sometimes we buy toys for ourselves that our kids will like, too. Whether you grew up with a Radio Flyer or always wanted one, the gleaming red body of this simple and robust classic wagon doesn’t disappoint. It’s appropriate for kids from 18 months to 10 years of age, and has 10-inch stainless steel wheels with durable rubber tires. The extra-long handle folds underneath the wagon to save space when storing.

Traditional craftsmanship: Berlin Flyer Sport Wagon


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If you prefer a natural surface and higher sides for your wagon, consider this Ohio-sourced model, made from solid hardwood and steel. Choose from an array of colors, including emerald green, orange, pink, purple, or classic red. The paint and varnish is non-toxic, and the steering is engineered to make it difficult to tip the wagon over. The side panels are slotted into the wagon so you can remove them as if you need more space for your cargo. It can carry up to 300 pounds—about twice as much weight as the classic Radio Flyer—which makes it a good fit if you plan on using your wagon to cart heavy tools in addition to your kids.

Most features: Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon


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If your main reason to buy a kid’s wagon is to provide a comfortable ride for your little ones, this is an excellent choice. Radio Flyer’s fabric and plastic model provides numerous upgrades over a classic steel wagon, though its weight capacity is slightly less at 120 pounds. Designed with parents in mind, it has a cloth canopy with ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+, seat belts, back rests for two children (18 months and up), and four cup holders so everyone in the family can stay hydrated. Simply pull up on the handle in the wagon bed to fold it in half for storage.

Budget pick: Green Toys Wagon


Made from 100% recycled plastic. Amazon

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You’re probably not going to want to use this wagon to transport groceries or laundry. But if you’re a parent to two little ones around the same age, or you regularly host a playgroup in your backyard, Step 2′s brightly colored interlocking cars are a delightful conveyance. Each section holds a child up to 50 pounds and is made of molded plastic with a seat, cup holder, and foot well for comfort and convenience. (The front car also has cargo storage under the seat.) Best of all, the material can be hosed down easily after a snack-splosion of Goldfish and juice.