There seems to be some law of the universe that dictates you only realize you don’t know where your keys are when leaving late risks personal disaster. If you’re lucky, you lose in your own home — if you’re unlucky, maybe you leave them in a taxi or at the park. Regardless of where it happens, by the time the whole ordeal is through, you can bet that you’ll be late for whatever it was you had planned. Ensure this never happens to you again by adding a key finder to your most precious lose-ables. Ranging from simple keychain additions to full-fledged Bluetooth-enabled chips that can slip into a wallet, the key finder market is so diverse that some of these products are even a suitable line of defense against losing beloved runaway pets.

Here’s a list of the best key and wallet finders currently available.

Radio-controlled beeps for up to four items. Amazon

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This key finder from Esky has a locating radius of up to 98 feet and uses RF technology that pierces through walls and furniture. The four color-coded receivers are made of lightweight plastic and easily attach to any set of keys or pet collar. Simply remove the remote from the dock and press any one of the color-corresponding buttons to sound the alarm on your precious missing items. The remote even includes an onboard LED flashlight to assist in finding your lost keys under furniture and in other tight spaces.

Super slim and Bluetooth-compatible. Amazon

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This Kimfly two-piece smart key tracker works in tandem with a smartphone app to assist you in finding your lost items down to map-level detail. These super slim tiles are 1.5 x 1.5-inches wide—the perfect size for sliding into wallets and purses or attaching to your keys and luggage. Use the app to connect to your lost devices, view their last known location on a map, and ring the alarm with the touch of a button (up to a distance of 82 feet). They’re powered by a long-lasting and easy-to-replace CR2032 watch-style battery.

Community-driven and Alexa-enabled. Amazon

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Tile is a popular item-finder that uses community-based app integration to update your items’ locations at a range of up to 150 feet. This model, the Tile Pro, extends that range to 300 feet, is twice as loud, and boasts water resistance and integration with Alexa and Google Home so you can simply ask to find your keys to trigger the ring. The community integration allows other people’s devices to anonymously assist in updating your lost Tile’s location, making this ideal for pet collars and wallets. You can even use it to find your phone—just double-press the button on your Tile to make your phone ring even if it’s on silent mode.

Two loud, sticky-backed alarms that call each other. Amazon

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For a loud key-finding solution that gets the job done, this KeyRinger set is a simple pair of beeping remotes that call each other when pressed. They come with an adhesive backing so you can stick them to your phone or put one up on the wall next to your door so you can find your keys in a snap as you’re on the way out. You can buy multiple sets of KeyRingers to work in concert with one another, and there are user-customizable attributes available including volume and response duration. It comes with key chain links and replaceable batteries.