Caring for houseplants is rewarding but something a bit finicky—they each have their own water and light preferences, and grow to need repotting at different times. But the soil you choose should not be a stressor. The best potting mixes are infused with nutrients that help you avoid fiddling with fertilizer for a few months. The right mix can help a cactus blossom, a peperomia propagate, or philodendron grow long enough to vine up a trellis.

We’ve chosen our favorite indoor potting soil mixes to keep your houseplants healthy.

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Miracle-Gro might be the most recognizable soil name for the indoor plant enthusiast. This set of two six-quart potting mixes should be ample to repot a few medium sized plants, like a well grown angel-winged begonia or African mask, or dozens of smaller cuttings. This mix should have nutrients to keep plants fertilized for six months, making it easier to go a little longer between repottings.

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Black Gold’s potting mix is an excellent multi-purpose soil for folks whose houseplant collection rivals their patio garden. This versatile soil can go from potting an indoor fiddle leaf fig or rubber tree in a terracotta planter, to supporting kitchen top herbs, to being suitable for growing salad greens and pepper plants, whether in canvas containers, hanging baskets, or raised vegetable beds.

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Desert plants hate the dampness that gardener’s call “wet feet,” because they’re used to living on such little water. This makes Professional Grower’s well draining soil the right choice—it’s mixed with perlite to create a coarser, better draining mix, at a neutral pH that won’t over fertilize any plants. It’s perfect for the succulents on your windowsill, or the cacti collection on your balcony.

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Burpee is one of the best and most accessible names for organic seeds and soils, and great gardening gear. Their potting mix is no exception—it’s also a great choice for indoor or outdoor containers gardeners, and is chock full of helpful plant nutrients to help your plant babies blossom, and stay fertilized for three months. This one is designed to hold onto moisture, and is best for thirsty plants like cucumbers. This mix is best kept away from cacti, succulents, or orchids.