You don’t need to go camping to experience sleep and solitude suspended in a hammock. In fact, you don’t even need to go outside. Hammocks can make an ideal rainy day reading nook or snug napping spot in any home. They also take pressure off your spine and engage the vestibular system while you sway, producing an adrenaline rush that actually helps calm you into a deep sleep (think swaddled, cradling baby).

Here are our favorite leisurely, light-weight indoor hammocks.

Nearly 40 patterns of pure chill. Amazon

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The Brazillian-style Vivere double hammock is available in nearly 40 stunning colors and striped patterns, and four fabrics—cotton, polyester, sunbrella, and mesh. It comes with a nine foot heavy duty steel stand that assembles in minutes without any tools and fits into a premium canvas carry bag for easy storage. These hammocks have pure polyester end strings that last longer than traditional cotton end strings, a bed length of 87 inches, and adjustable hooks that allow you to decide how low or high you want to lay.

Balance work and rest. Amazon

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This soft and sturdy polyester-cotton hammock chair is the quintessential reading cocoon to stretch out or curl up in. The hammock has a built-in side pocket where you can store your book, magazines or tablet when you want to rest your eyes. Hardwood spreader rods make it stable and stylish, and the high-quality structure and material ensures no tears or breaks.

Breathable handmade fabric. Amazon

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Handcrafted from durable woven cotton ropes, the Chihee hammock chair is simple yet flexible, allowing loungers to sit with legs dangling or lay back flat. Even though this chair takes up little space compared to traditional hammocks, the 100 cm spreader bar still provides ample shoulder room. Add fun, romance and fashion to your bedroom or living room with a natural white, royal blue, light grey, ice blue, or spring bud colored hammock chair.

A hideaway for kids. Amazon

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The CO-Z hammock chair pod weighs less than three pounds, but it’s durable cotton-canvas carabiner and extra-wide sling holds up to 170 lbs, giving enough space and strength for kids to read, listen to music, play with toys, or daydream. There’s an inflatable, removable PVC cushion and simple headrest for extra comfort and support. It’s super easy to mount this harmonious hammock swing in a child’s bedroom and give them a private nook to explore their curiosities.