It’s almost as subtle as the changing of the seasons. You just know it when you feel it, that moment when you have to start packing the hot coffee and start breaking out the cold brews.

To get your day started with the appropriate amount of caffeine (and the least amount of sweat), we found cold brew coffee machines that offer innovative and unique preparation and presentation options.

Let it rain. Amazon

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Sometimes the best innovations are the simplest. A compact and intuitive cold brew system, the OXO is a nesting doll that takes up minimal space, has no floating (and easy lost) accessories, and delivers up to 16 ounces of coffee concentrate easily. Its “Rainmaker” drip system evenly distributes water across coffee grounds, and produces a mellow, not bitter, brew. Its accompanying glass carafe with cork stopper is a handy way to chill your coffee and it looks great (without taking up much room in the fridge, either).

Most versatile: Coldwave Beverage Chiller

No Ice Needed

Cool drinks at ultra-fast speeds without any dilution. Amazon

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The Coldwave beverage chiller is an innovative solution for cooling down even the hottest drinks in under two minutes. It’s made of dishwasher-safe BPA-free plastic and employs a reusable freezable insert that’s ready to use after only an hour in the freezer and can chill up to 16 ounces of hot liquids at temperatures between 180 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. The speed and frequency at which this item cools drinks make it an ideal choice for creating batches of iced coffee or teas in a hurry without worrying about keeping a supply of ice on hand.

Best form: BOD Cold Brew Coffee System

Create Concentrate

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As you can tell by its name, this cold brew kit has a lot more on its mind than just being a caffeine delivery system. It’s designed to provide a healthier option than its competitors. By making a super-concentrated coffee extract, the BOD system produces a cold brew that is lower in acid and features fewer supposedly cholesterol-elevating compounds. It doesn’t require electricity, either, so it’s even environmentally conscious, too. Simple, easy to use, and doesn’t have a ton of annoying moving parts—it’s painless to integrate into your morning health routine.

For the slow and steady: Soulhand Cold Brew Coffee Maker Cold Dripper

Drink More

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This elegantly designed cold brew machine rewards the patient and the precise. Offering unique adjustable drip settings, you can actually control the speed at which the ice water drips through the coffee grounds (which can affect the brew’s flavor and strength). Easy to assemble, use, and clean, the Soulhand can be used for both cold and hot coffee, and its simple, streamlined design makes it easy to store and (in the case of cold brew) refrigerate.

Fuller: HB Brewing Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Mini-Keg

All Play And No Work

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This “coffee maker” is a bit of a misnomer. The HB Brewing mini-keg does not actually make coffee, but that doesn’t mean it’s just a glorified pitcher, either. What this handy, portable, and stylish little device does is infuse whatever cold brew coffee you put into it—whether it’s your own homemade brew or a pre-made bottle from your favorite beanery—with nitrous oxide to give it that silky, frothy, “fresh from the barista” taste. The keg is 64 ounces and can be taken anywhere, and the whole thing is very easy to assemble (assisted by well-designed assembly instructions). It’s not a soup-to-nuts cold brew system, but a nice way to jazz up your presentation.