When winter weather comes, roads and walkways ice over, making walking and driving a hair-raising proposition. Salt and other ice-melting products work to lower the freezing point of water, turning ice into a soupy brine that spreads out and makes further freezing impossible for a period of time. There are many varieties of ice-melting salt products, and almost all of them you should not handle with your bare hands. If you’re looking to save time and keep your driveway and sidewalk safe this winter, we’ve got the right salt spreader for the job.

Below, some of our favorite salt spreaders currently on the market.

Holds Up to 20 Pounds

Hangs over your shoulders comfortably. Amazon

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This chest-mounted salt spreader from Solo is perfect for applying up to 20 pounds of salt comfortably—that’s enough for a driveway, sidewalk, walkway and then some. The cross-shoulder strap keeps the spreader secure and makes it easy to tote around, and you can control the direction and volume of the spread using fingertip levers. Because of the enclosed design of the hopper, you don’t have to worry about breathing in salt dust, either.

Easy to Use

Lightweight model for handheld spreading. Amazon

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Keep it simple with this Spot Spreader handheld shaker that’s perfect for granular control of your salt spread. It holds up to 80 fluid ounces of material and is great for applying salt to stairs and other areas where a larger spreader might struggle. Choose from three opening sizes to adjust the volume of material released at one time. The design is also a stellar option for spreading bird seed, plant fertilizer, and any other grainy substances.

Rustproof Hopper

A half-acre’s worth on wheels. Amazon

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If you’re taking your salt around the block, doing your neighbors’ driveways, or de-icing a large area like a parking lot, this push spreader from Agri-Fab will save your back and make the process a breeze. It’s mounted on pneumatic tires, which makes pushing it up and down hills a breeze, and the polycarbonate hopper carries a whopping 130 pounds of salt at a time, which is enough to cover up to 25,000 square feet of ground. The spread size ranges from 10 to 12 feet and begins automatically when you push it, and you can adjust the flow volume to a precise level with the steel flow rod.

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If you have a long driveway or private road needing an application of ice melt and it’s something you do regularly, consider this heavy duty tailgate salt spreader from SaltDogg. It mounts to the tailgate of any pickup truck between a half ton and one ton, and you can control the spread power with a variable speed controller from inside your vehicle. It’s built to last with a stainless steel trough, an 8-cubic-foot polyethylene hopper and a 12-volt motor that casts your material from 3 to 30 feet.