Creative ice cube trays to chill your drink

Molds to give your drink a splash of style.

ice cubes in a cub
Don't be square.David von Diemar via Unsplash

While the fundamentals of ice don’t change—combine two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, then chill until solid—the way we shape that ice is limitless. Sometimes these shapes serve a function, such as large blocks or spheres that are slower to melt and don’t dilute our drinks. And in other cases, odd shapes add a touch of whimsy to our glasses. Anyone can enjoy a cool beverage on a warm day, but here’s a chance to do it with some style.

Arctico Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Hexagonal shape maximizes the output.Amazon

Thanks to an ingenious hexagonal design, these ice cube trays produce 37 pieces of ice despite being less than eight inches long and five inches wide. The silicone trays are rated for -40 degrees F to 446 degrees F, making them safe for the freezer, dishwasher, microwave, or oven. The soft material helps pop out the ice, and a handy lid keeps unwanted material from freezing in the cubes.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds
When you want it to last.Amazon

Whether you’re having a scotch on the rocks or a giant iced tea, this two-and-a-half-inch frozen sphere chills your drink with a minimal amount of dilution. The Tovolo uses a unique system of stacked molds with sealed rubber caps to easily and neatly fill up the sphere-shaped reservoir. Then you pop them in the freezer until they’re solid. Made from sturdy plastic, the food-grade molds are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

TrueZoo U Country-Shaped Silicone Mold and Ice Cube Tray
38 states are represented.Amazon

Chill your drink while learning a thing or two about the United States. This nation-shaped ice tray freezes its cubes in the shapes of the U.S. states, perfect for teaching a bit of geography to the kids while they enjoy their beverages. Just be careful about what you put on the lunch-time test—the food-grade silicone tray only makes 38 cubes, skipping Alaska, Hawaii, and some of New England!

NiceCube Mini Ice Cube Tray
They hold 160 pieces.Amazon

For those times when you need as many tiny ice cubes as possible, these silicone ice cube trays hold 160 small blocks of ice. Not only can they chill your drink, but they’re also perfect for making chocolate candy bites, frozen coffee drops, blocks of frozen garlic for cooking, or tiny gummy candies for the kids (or adults with a sweet tooth). The food-grade silicone makes it easy to eject the cubes, and the trays are stackable and dishwasher safe.