Consistency is everything in a good dish of ice cream. Cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla in liquid form would be strange to drink, but becomes a classic dessert when churned and frozen. Ice cream machines can deliver gourmet quality ice cream for less than pricey store-bought pints, and are simple to use. Just gather your ingredients, follow the recipe for the flavor you desire, and have some sprinkles and hot fudge sauce on hand for a self-serve sundae bar. Here are our favorites.

Rainbow sprinkles make everything better. Amazon

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If you love the idea of homemade ice cream but want to skip the tedious process of churning your ingredients by hand, this affordable machine can deliver deliciousness in less than a half hour. With a 1.5 quart capacity per batch, it’s great for occasionally indulging or as a fun activity when your kids are stuck at home. The machine comes with recipes for ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and custard.

If you drop your cone, you can always make more. Amazon

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If you love to cook and want to add a variety frozen desserts to your repertoire of recipes, this top of the line stainless-steel machine gives you options. Unlike many ice cream makers, you don’t need to pre-chill a bowl in your freezer before use—the machine itself has a self-refrigerating compressor to get your mixture to the proper temperature. Choose between a dozen different hardness settings to get the consistency you desire for gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream. If you’re entertaining guests, you can keep desserts ready for up to three hours before you’ll need to transfer them to your freezer.

Sundaes make fundays. Amazon

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If you crave frozen yogurt, fruity sorbet, or ice cream but want to skip the tedious process of churning your ingredients by hand, this attractive stainless-steel electric appliance delivers up to two quarts at a time. Pop the double-insulated inner bowl into your freezer overnight to chill, and when it’s ready add your ingredients and turn the machine on. An opening at the top allows you to add chocolate chips, fruit, or nuts to mix into your concoction, and you can treat yourself to a dish of butter pecan or mint-chocolate chip ice cream in as little as a half hour. With a base approximately 8 inches square and a height of 11.25 inches, it has a medium-sized footprint on your kitchen counter.