Innovative planters to make your home a cozy jungle

Planters that’ll make your guests green with envy.

Houseplants bring a little bit of nature into any space, potentially brightening your mood and purifying your air. Spruce up your space with some greenery. Here are some innovative planters to make it easy:

Living art. Amazon


This wall-mounted planter doubles as a small fish bowl. It’s a fun and unique way to host home to floral and piscifauna. It’s made out of high quality clear acrylic, and is easy to install.

Sleek and modern geometric. Amazon


These contemporary geometric planters make any space more Instagram-friendly. Make your hallway look like it’s in a fancy little restaurant beloved by celebrities, or give your home office boutique hotel vibes. They come in copper, brass, and nickel, so you can choose according to your decor.

Tiny and easier to keep alive. Amazon


If you’re the type of person (or know one) who can’t keep a plant alive, consider this smart planter, which boasts a time control for LED lights and a fan for air ventilation. Grow mosses or succulents successfully in this modern and cute-looking structure, which is also great for kids’ rooms or as a desk accessory.

Show how you grow. Amazon


These wooden displays offer a mess-free way to display air plants. Simply hang your tillandsias and hook the entire frame onto your wall.