Hot air hair brushes for every kind of hair

Make every day a good hair day.

Styling your hair can be an arduous task, especially when you consider the number of tools you need to get the perfect look and the hours it takes to get each strand in place. If you’re looking to cut down the time it takes to get your hair coiffed in the morning, we would like to introduce you to the hot air hair brush. Part blow dryer, part curling iron, mixed with a little bit of hair straightener, this little miracle worker dries your hair while styling it, virtually cutting your hair routine in half. Below are some of our favorite hair brushes, plus some tips and tricks you can use to select the best model for your hair type.

Smooth, Shiny Results

With an oval design, round edges, nylon pins, and tufted bristles, this powerful tool will smooth and volumize your strands quickly. Three heat settings provide flexibility and vents prevent damage. REVLON

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Selecting a hot air brush depends on your hair type and ideal style. Keep in mind, you still need to do some rough towel-drying and maybe one quick comb through before applying your hot air brush, but other than that, you’ll only need this one tool to dry and style. If you want something that will smooth and detangle for a sleek look, select a model with nylon or boar bristles. If you have previously bleached or otherwise damaged hair, go for a unit with ceramic bristles with multiple temperature settings to help you avoid frying your locks any further. Many hot air hair brushes work on various hair types and textures, but some are better than others for achieving particular perfect hair-day dreams.

Fast and Flyaway-Free

A 2.44-inch oval barrel and ionic technology seal the hair cuticle to tame frizz and increase volume. It’s lightweight and easy to hold, with cool, medium, and high temperature setting options. Drybar

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Time is of the essence when you’re getting ready for work in the morning or a date in the evening. Cut down on dry time by selecting a powerful, lightweight hot air hair brush. If you have healthy, thick, or curly hair, think about choosing an ionic dryer, like the one listed above. They work by shooting out negatively charged ions to combat the positive ions that make up the moisture in damp hair. This attack on moisture is powerful and speedily removes excess water, closes hair follicles, and tames unwanted frizz. If your hair is thin, think about grabbing a ceramic dryer for a gentler stream of heat that locks in rather than eliminates moisture.

Give Your Roots a Boost

Charcoal-infused bristles refresh second-day locks and soak up oils to give your flat strands a lift. Even heat distribution and multiple speed settings allow for style versatility and protection. HOT TOOLS

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If you have thin, fine hair, you may also suffer from an oily scalp weighing you down—but never fear, a hot air hairbrush can help maintain volume all day long. Unlike a regular hair dryer, these brushes are designed to get close to your roots without overheating for a hairdo that will hold. Plus, these brushes can be used even when it’s not a wash day. Specially-designed bristles with super absorbent elements like charcoal soak up excess oils to keep your hair refreshed on days two, three, and even four when you’re in between washes. With a hot air hairbrush, you’ll finally be able to get the style you want without spending hours in front of the mirror.