Camera technology is getting smaller, cheaper, and more intuitive to set up and use, meaning peace of mind around has become simpler to achieve. So why not?

Here are some easy-to-install, effective home security cameras that will help you sleep a little better at night, or at least provide you with some funny video of raccoons trying to jack your Hello Fresh delivery.

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This compact, droid-like camera offers versatile, wireless security camera options. The Bioxo has infrared motion detection and can send real-time alerts to your phone via the accompanying app. Recorded video – which is full 1080p—can be stored in the cloud or on an SD card (which allows for expandable memory capacity). The camera also serves as an intercom, and is equipped with night vision. The best feature is the “Smart PIR alert” which can differentiate people and animals from wind vibration, insects, and other small minor disruptions to its periphery.

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Designed for indoor use, the Wyze offers a broad range of functions while still designed to blend into your home decor as much as possible. The small, white cube can on its own or be mounted on a wall (via a magnetic base, so you don’t even have to drill), and integrates with smart home apps like Alexa and Google Assistant—allowing it to be voice activated. It has night vision, motion detection, and memory capabilities up to 32GB to hold its fully HD recordings. Through the Wyze app, you can live stream events and even talk to friends and family.

Dual-cam and base station package. Amazon

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Eufy’s 1080p HD eufyCam E cameras connect to a Security HomeBase hub with encrypted, local storage to keep tabs on your home. After connecting the hub to your wireless router, the HomeBase stays in constant communication with up to 16 cameras over a low-frequency wireless signal. The base automatically switches to WiFi once it starts recording, and stores the footage on a microSD (it comes with a 16GB card).

The wireless camera attaches to a wall by screw mount that works on just about any flat surface. If you have a metal surface available, you can use the magnetic mount, which doesn’t require drilling.

The camera boasts a 140-degree angle lens—with an 8x digital pan and zoom—and is weather-proof. It also features night vision, allowing you to see up to 33-feet away. You can live stream the footage from your phone through the smartphone app. If you want to talk to visitors, there’s a built-in microphone and speaker.

The eufyCam E features an impressive 13400mAh battery that will last a year when actively monitoring and up to three years in standby mode. It uses motion and heat sensors to detect movement of objects that give off heat, so a falling picture frame won’t trigger the system, but your cat will.

The base station includes a speaker that produces a 100-decibel anti-theft alarm.