Even at home and during the off-season there are plenty of options to refine and strengthen your baseball skills. Whether you are on a team or just looking to try something new, we have some great recommendations for a homespun homerun. Plus, these training tools are designed for a range of athletes, including kids, which means you can have fun with the whole family. So put on your favorite baseball movie and start stretching because before you know it, you’ll be knocking it out of the park (or rather, into the neighbor’s yard).

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This swing trainer is great for both baseball and softball enthusiasts. The Hurricane will improve your power, accuracy, and speed so you can confidently approach the plate at your next game. This at-home training tool is customizable with four levels of resistance to help you drive through the pitch and adjustable height settings so even your littlest one can hit a few balls. You can use the Hurricane for stationary tee or moving target practice to attack your personal training goals. This trainer will help you up your batting average and improve consistent contact by giving you a highly visible target. Best of all, you’ll never have to chase the ball around again, which means more time for batting. Get ready to never strikeout with the Hurricane.

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This net is a great way to practice hitting, pitching, fielding, and batting. There is nothing is can’t help you train for. It’s lightweight, foldable, and super easy to set up making it perfect for portability. This net has a weighted base and comes with ground stakes for added stability, meaning it will be able to withstand your hardest hits and throws. The sock net at the center is designed to catch and hold your balls to eliminate the time you spend going back and forth chasing your power pitches. This PowerNet measures 40 inches by 15 inches by 7 inches, which makes it perfect for your backyard, garage, or on the sidelines of your favorite field. Just like the Hurricane, this net is great for softball too. So, grab your gear and get to practice.

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If you are looking to practice with something that will give you a little more of a punch, we recommend a pitching machine. The Louisville Slugger Triple Flame is a tried and true champion. The Triple Flame can throw many types of balls: hard balls, plastic, softballs—even soccer and volleyballs. You can easily adjust the speed of each pitch between 18 to 45 mph and light, plastic balls can even reach up to 60mph, which means it’s great for new and experienced athletes. You can also choose the kind of pitch it will throw at you. Practice hitting grounders, level pitches, and fly balls with a simple adjustment. The Triple Flame weighs in at only 25 pounds so you can easily move it around and it doesn’t require any electricity or batteries to function. Yes, this does mean that you can’t load it up with multiple balls at once—so it is best to have someone on standby who is willing to help you train, however, we think that the kind of precision, accuracy, and versatility that comes with the Triple Flame is worth it.

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If you aren’t familiar, a fungo bat is designed to be longer and more lightweight than a regular baseball bat. They are often used by coaches during practice drills and defensive warm-ups. If you are looking to practice catching and have a partner to pal around with, a fungo bat is a great investment for you or your team. The Easton MLF 5 comes in a 34 and 37-inch model which both feature an extra thin handle for more control. It’s made out of pure maple which means it’s light but durable enough to last you multiple seasons. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite or match your team uniforms. Take turns popping up flyballs and train your outfield skills to make sure nothing ever slips through your mitt.