Heated pet beds that bring extra comfort to furry friends

They’ll be cozy and soothed even when you’re not available for snuggling.

To make sure your short-hair cat Fred and small dog Potato stay warm and toasty as they dream, consider a heated pet bed. Bring reassuring warmth and familiarity to elderly and sick pets, or lure your pet off of your too-small bed into a new sleeping spot. Just be sure to keep electrical cords away from sharp teeth, and check with a vet about whether your pet can safely tolerate extra heat and has the ability to get up and walk away if they get too hot.

Thermal Cat Mat by Prairie Horse Supply

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These simple mats are suitable for cats or very small dogs and are insulated with lightweight material that reflects heat, like the space blankets that runners wrap themselves in after a marathon. Each mat is reversible and has a soft and silky leopard pattern on one side and a thicker textured fleece on the other. You don’t need to worry about cords with this heating aid, so place a few in your pet’s favorite napping spots, set on the couch to keep pet hair at a minimum, or add as an extra layer to an existing pet bed. They are even machine washable, if you can remove them from kitty without getting swiped at.

K&H Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed

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Large dogs (and determined humans) will already find the soft and plush pillow in this 31-inch X 24-inch pet bed comfortable—but the heating element takes snuggling to another level. A dual thermostat/heater is triggered by your pet’s presence in the bed to rise to their body temperature for ideal warmth, and when there’s nothing in the bed it will heat to approximately 10-15 degrees higher than the air temperature of the room. This product is MET listed, which means it has been tested by Eurofins MET labs and meets U.S. and Canadian electrical safety standards. Easily remove the cover and pillow for cleaning, or remove the heater and use the bed during the warmer months.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Deluxe Cat Bed

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Finicky felines will find exploring this MET listed bed well within their purrview. Unzip and remove the hood to accommodate their coziness preferences, and then put it back on again an hour later when they give you the stink-eye. Like the K&H dog bed, it heats to your cat’s body temperature when they’re visiting, and to a small amount above room temperature when they’re shunning. Remove the heater and the bed’s foam walls to machine-wash the cover in the event of a hairball.