These hanging planters bring life to your space

Create a jungle at home without sacrificing every surface.

hanging planters
Hanging plants to brighten your home.Angèle Kamp via Unsplash

Bringing plants indoors can boost our mood and improve the quality of our air—not to mention make any room look a bit more stylish. For those who don’t want to clutter their window sills and bookshelves, hanging planters offer a chic, floating alternative. Below are some great options.

Hanging Rope Planter Baskets 8"x8" with Long Hanging Rope. Natural Cotton Hand Woven Plant Holder Available in 12 Different Styles & Popular Colors. Eco-Friendly Decorative Basket

Spruce Up Your Home

Modern place for your plants.Amazon

This planter comes as a set of two woven-rope natural cotton baskets, with a 20-inch handle for hanging. This is ideal for medium-sized plants as it measures 8 by 8 inches. OrganiHaus offers color options in both solid or wide stripes to give a clean modern look. One thing to note is that plants should not be directly planted in these baskets, you need to put them inside a pot/liner before putting them in. The plants, pots or liners, and installation hooks need to be purchased separately.

GROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers with 5 Hooks, Different Tiers, Handmade Cotton Rope Hanging Planters Set Flower Pots Holder Stand, for Indoor Outdoor Boho Home Decor

Stylish Bundle

1970′s vibe.Amazon

These hanging planters are all you need to add some bohemian ’70s vibe to your space. Growneer offers 5 different woven plant hangers in various sizes, designs, and hanging length. They are natural beige color and easy-to-wash cotton fiber. The hanging planters do not have a structured bottom, and because of this flexibility can hold pots of various sizes up to 10 inches in diameter. The plants and pots do not come with the hangers.

Hanging Planter Flower Plant Pots - 10 Inch Indoor Outdoor Balcony Patio Hanging Basket Set of 2, Marble Pattern

Three Color Choices

Lightweight and durable.Amazon

This planter comes in a set of two and both run 10 inches in diameter. The planters appear to look like heavy stone or concrete, but the material is actually a composite of recycled plastic and powdered stone. This makes the planter lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant. The planter has pre-drilled drainage holes (with removable plugs) and a water reservoir at the base. Care should be taken to plug drainage holes if used inside. Hanging plants outside makes having drainage holes a great option.

Ivolador Terrarium Container Flower Planter Hanging Glass for Hydroponic Plants Home Garden Decor

Vases In The Air

Each one is made from a high-boron, heat-resistant material and is about 4-5 inches tall.Amazon

This is a unique hanging planter option. It allows for the hanging of hydroponic plants or cut flowers. The set comes with three glass planters in various shapes and sizes. Also included is twine rope to help hang each vase from planter hooks. The sheer glass makes for a delicate and unique way to display plants.