High-quality handlebar bags for your bike trip

They double as shoulder bags, too.

bike on a train with bags
Load it up.Patrick Hendry via Unsplash

If you are planning a bike tour, or if your bicycle is your primary method of transportation, a handlebar bag is all but required for hauling your necessities. When choosing one, you’ll want to consider its material, size, and bonus features. Here are some of our recommendations.

Topo Designs Bike Bag
Comes with a removable shoulder strap.Amazon

Topo Designs is known for an aesthetic that suits both city exploration and mountain life. Its handlebar bag is designed with their distinctive and playful combination of colors, as well as an unexpected triangular shape. The shape is also functional: it makes the bag more spacious than it looks.

Timbuk2 Beacon Handlebar Bag
A clean, minimalist look.Amazon

Timbuk2’s handlebar bag is ideal for city riding, or if you want a simple black bag for personal items. It may be on the smaller side but has a clean, minimalist look. The material is water-resistant and designed to fit most bike frames.

Rhinowalk Bike Handlebar Bag
A clear pouch keeps your navigation tools visible.Amazon

The Rhinowalk bag is a reliable option if you’re new to biking and want something simple and effective. This one has a transparent touch screen pouch on the top so you can view your smartphone or a map for navigation. It has plenty of space, two net bags, and comes with a waterproof cover for the rain. The zipper also doubles as a reflective light to help you stay visible after sunset.