Cutting your own hair or asking a friend or partner to help you cut it can be a bit scary. There’s definitely the possibility of an “oops” with hair clippers, but if you go slowly, and aren’t over confident, you too can achieve a fade or an undercut. If you intend to replace visits to your barber or stylist with an at-home cut, professional hair clippers are a smart idea, though you’ll want to learn as much as you can about best practices since you’ll be using sharp and powerful blades close to your skin and face. Save money at the salon, do touch-ups whenever you want, and create a style all your own. Here are some pro-level hair clippers for anyone who wants to make a serious commitment to home hair care.

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The first thing to know about clippers is that different blade attachments guard against your hair being clipped any shorter—not longer—than their number. You can still keep your hair longer than the attachment, and in fact long hair (and even bangs) can be trimmed with clippers, though your mileage will vary depending on skill level and goals. This classic model has a 10-foot cord for maneuvering and includes a blade guard and size #000 (.5mm) and #1 (2.4mm) blades. You can purchase additional sizes as you determine your “haircut number.” The clippers also come with blade lubricating oil and a cleaning brush to keep them in tip top shape.

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If you’re cutting hair for more than one person in your household and want the ultimate in mobility within a space, investing in cordless clippers might be the way to go. These are powered by a lithium ion battery and are compatible with a variety of different Oster blades, and come with #000 and #1 sizes, a charging stand, and blade maintenance supplies. In other words, they’re built for the long haul, from mullet to buzz cut and back again.

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If you’re going for a shape-up, line-up, or edge-up with clean lines, this trimmer is a great companion to your clippers to help you get there. It has a lithium ion battery and offers up to two hours of run time on a charge, which makes it simple to keep on hand for finishing your new hair do. Stylists will be delighted to note that you can “zero-gap” the blades to get the closest possible cut, but for beginners it’s important to note that in hair art and in life, when you get into a close shave you might just be in a real scrape. So be extra careful.