Having trouble sleeping through the night? Consider getting creative with a few helpful products that’ll maximize your zzz’s. We gathered some of the best sleep tools—from a super cozy eye mask to a soothing sound machine—that’ll wind you down at night and keep you well-rested. Say goodbye to cranky mornings and hello to an uninterrupted night of peaceful bliss.

Watch TV to your heart’s content. Amazon

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As fun as it is to scroll through Instagram at night, all that blue light is blocking out the hormone melatonin, which helps you get sleepy. That’s where Night Swannies comes in. These glasses filter out almost 100 percent of blue light, allowing you to browse the internet and still get a proper amount of shut-eye. The shades also reduce eye strain and prevent headaches.

Enjoy a pillow-y companion. Amazon

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Slip on this soft, memory foam mask and you’ll capture some much-needed zzz’s. The design blocks out light and offers extra cushioning for additional coziness. An adjustable strap allows you to fit the mask around your head accordingly and the nose portion will contour comfortably around your face.

Fall asleep to soothing rhythms. Amazon

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Drift off to sleep with the help of this white noise machine. You can choose from a wide variety of soundtracks, including three white noise sounds, three lullabies, and five other relaxing rhythms. There’s also an adjustable night light—perfect for babies—and auto-off timer settings so you can customize when the sounds end.

Choose from jasmine, eucalyptus, and more scents. Amazon

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Add an extra shot of tranquility to your nighttime routine with this aromatherapy diffuser. It comes with ten soothing essential oils, including lavender and jasmine, along with an adjustable mist setting. You can choose between 15 light modes, including a soft purple and green.