Wine enjoys a unique place among its peers by being one of the few alcoholic beverages that is readily, and appreciably, displayed like a work of art (beer is lucky to have its own minifridge). Whether you have only a small countertop or an entire room to devote to your love of wine, a good wine rack will help preserve bottles and create a monument to your impeccable taste.

From compact to elaborate, here some great wine rack to help you shine a spotlight on your Pinots, Chards, Cabs, and everything in between.

Stay tidy: SODUKU Wall Mounted Wooden Wine Rack

Best For Obsessive Organizers

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Designed to hold both your bottles (up to 4) and your best stemware, this wine rack does more than just store: it creates a wine centerpiece for the dining room, lounge, or home bar. The hanging rack is made of sturdy wood to ensure your favorite glasses don’t tumble to the ground at the slightest vibration.

Serious organization: Smartxchoices 96 Bottle Modular Wine Rack

Best For The Serious Collector

More than just a place to put them. It’s a statement. Amazon

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If you have the space and the enthusiasm (and the willpower) to collect and display more than 90 bottles of wine at a time, you can’t just settle for a few tiny countertop display racks. You need a serious wine rack. The Smartxchoices modular wine rack is constructed of hardy pine wood and can hold up to 96 bottles (eight layers holding 12 bottles each). The whole rack stands about 37 inches high and connects without screws or hardware—yet comes with a 100 percent wobble-free guarantee. Look like a craftsman and a sommelier all in one.

Best for the stylish: BAMBKIN 8-Bottle Bamboo Wine Rack Bottle Holder

Most Unique Design

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A small, countertop wine rack capable of handling 8 bottles, the Bambkin gives your mini-collection the eye-catching, elegant display it deserves. Made of solid and durable bamboo, the rack is lightweight and easy to assemble, and is finished in a smooth dark brown polish. It says a lot about your taste in wine, but even more about your taste in general.