The first coasters were designed for decanters or wine bottles so that they could be slid—or, you know, coasted—around the table even after the servants had retired. In 1880, the Germans invented the beer mat, made out of wood pulp, in order to save the tables from the wear caused by condensation from beer bottles. Today, thanks to the boundless imagination of humans and the convenience of the Internet, there are a innumerable geeky coasters available for a variety of tastes. We hand-picked a few of our favorite sets, below.

DuoMuo Vinyl Record Drink Coasters

For every music lover who loves a drink. Amazon

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These quirky, retro coasters come in a set of 12 and resemble mini vinyl records. Ideal for accenting the home of any vinyl collector, they also come in a cute box which makes them an excellent gift. They all come fitted with a small rubber disc on the bottom, which prevents drink slippage.

Bellolinea Floppy Disk Coasters

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Before thumb drives, floppy discs reigned supreme, boasting a portable storage capacity of 1.4 megabytes. A floppy can’t hold much by today’s standards, but these floppy disc style coasters will definitely hold your drink and keep your table dry. Made out of food-grade silicone, you can even write on these coasters with a Sharpie marker to personalize them. This set comes with six coasters in a variety of colors.

Vantoo 14-Piece Felt Coasters and Wooden Sheep

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This 14-piece set of fuzzy grey felt coasters pack away in their holder to form an abstract sheep. The fiber felt material is just the thing to protect your table from condensation and scratches.

Buerey DIY Cactus Coasters Set of 6 with Flowerpot Holder

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When your friends aren’t over drinking drinks at your table, this coaster set doubles as the perfect fidget toy—you can detach, assemble, and reassemble the cactus coaster set as you please. When the drinks are out, the anti-skid design keeps libations in place and protects surfaces from heat, too. This coaster cactus contains six pieces made of non-toxic molded cork.

Lextra Rug Coasters

A little magic carpet to keep your table protected. Amazon

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Miniature things are cute, which is perhaps why these miniature rug coasters are so appealing. Made out of wool with a rubber base, these coaster rugs come in a set of four and will keep your drinks floating neatly above your table’s precious surface. The colors and patterns are tasteful and fashionable too.