Extracting your morning cup (or three) from a French press has its advantages. You can save paper and money since you don’t need a filter, and you can switch easily between coffee and loose leaf tea. Just add your ground coffee or tea leaves to the carafe, fill with hot water, and press down the plunger when your brew is at the desired strength. Here are four lovely French presses to add a touch of sophistication to your morning routine.

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

A delicious companion to toast and jam. Amazon

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Brew up to six cups (8 oz. each) of coffee or tea in this beaker made from borosilicate glass to withstand heat. A three-part filter with a stainless steel mesh plate keeps grounds and tea leaves separate from your beverage when your press is complete. If you like to gaze contemplatively upon your carefully crafted roast as you sip your first cup, you’ll love the glass design and cork lid. However, frenetic caffeine consumers might want to choose a press that doesn’t break when dropped.

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

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Is the free coffee in your office just a tolerable fix to get you through an afternoon of meetings? With this double-layered and stainless steel 34 oz French press, get the strength and quality of brew you crave, and keep it hot on your desk long enough for you to nail those deadlines. Choose a background of bright orange, deep pink, dark grey, or silver for the perky smiling gator logo and enjoy a happy little coffee break. A double filter built into the plunger keeps sediment out of your mug. You’ll also get a tiny canister to transport tea or grounds.

Barista Warrior Stainless Steel French Press with Thermometer

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Inquisitive coffee and tea experts will find a way to use the thermometer built into the top of this French press to improve their methods. Pack this press on a weekend getaway and gauge the temperature of the boiling water on demand in your B&B before you brew delicate white tea or pricey kopi luwak. Everyone else can still feel fancy while enjoying a double-filtered and vacuum-insulated beverage. The smartly designed handle makes it natural to pour, and the carafe is heat-resistant on the outside to protect your hands.

Cafetiere French Press Coffee Maker by VeoHome

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The appealing curved shape of this timeless press will turn simple eggs and toast into a sumptuous meal, and might even help you look forward to pulling an all-nighter. The three-piece stainless steel filter is similar to the Bodum press—it’s not a double filter—and is easily washable by hand. Keep in mind that stainless steel is heavier than a glass pot, but won’t shatter if you knock it off the counter. It has a double wall to help your beverage stay hot on the inside with less risk of burning your hands on the outside.