No-fuss fountain pens that make your note taking and letter writing more elegant

An instant upgrade for your penmanship.

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Fountain pens can be challenging for a beginner, but that finicky ink delivery ensures a more expressive hand. Plus, fountain pens are undeniably fun to use, with a classy flair reminiscent of quills and ink bottles. Luckily, newer fountain pen models are more reliable, with simple ink refills and secure caps that make these pens as mess free as they are beautiful.

We’ve picked our favorite user-friendly fountain pens.

Editor's pick

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German brand Kaweco is known for their beautiful, easy-to-use pens of all types. Their sport line of fountain pens merges great design with functionality. A chrome-plated steel nib writes smoothly and holds its shape for years. And a screw on cap prevents spills, making this pen a perfect everyday carry.

Most elegant

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MUJI’s fountain pens are made with a minimalist, durable aluminum exterior, and boasts an enviably fine writing tip. This one has black ink and is perfect for most writing situations. The textured grip is a pleasure to hold.

Most reliable

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Pilot’s fountain pens are some of the smoothest writing, most dependable brands—and for a good reason. A company that’s been around for 100 years knows what it’s doing. This fountain pen even comes with a pack of 12 refills.

A serious upgrade

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When you think “fountain pen” this is the design that likely pops into mind. Aurora Ipsilon’s elegant fountain pen writes smoothly and without any bleed-through on the page, making it a classy workhorse and an excellent gift.

Best value

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AmazonBasics’ fountain pens merge the classic black brass look, with the modern convenience like refillable pen cartridges. This pen would look dashing for signing checks or writing letters. Clip it to your notebook and head out for the day.