The word “Frisbee” was used by Wham-O in 1957 as a name for the brand’s plastic flying disc. For some people, it’s a serious sport in the form of Ultimate or disc golf. For others, it’s a super fun pastime when you have a lazy afternoon in the park with friends and feel like getting a little exercise. Improve your skills by practicing your stamina for short sprints, quick pivots, and forearm passes, or just enjoy watching your eager golden retriever twist and turn in the air as they work to bring you their slobbery catch. Here are our favorites.

Show off for your team. Amazon

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Fans of lizards and scoring goals in the game of Ultimate will love the illustrated chameleon design of this disc, which appears ultra-violet purple in the sun. It meets USA Ultimate standards for play, with a diameter of 10.75 inches and weight of 175 grams. Rings on the top of the disc help you keep your grip for a solid pass if it’s drizzling or if you’re sweating it out in the heat. It’s also available in an array of other colors, from classic black to fluorescent yellow.

Made from renewable polyethylene. Amazon

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If you want to play with a more eco-friendly disc but don’t want to compromise on competitiveness, this squid-themed disc delivers. It’s made in Germany from bio-based renewable polyethylene (from plants), weighs a standard 175 grams, and is approved for Ultimate games. If you’re great at long passes, it can keep its stability even while sailing more than the length of a football field.

A new way to putt. Amazon

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If running up and down a playing field with a frisbee isn’t your thing, disc golf offers the thrill of competition at a more leisurely pace. Just like the clubby rules of golf, you’ll be competing across an 9-18 hole course to get the lowest score—in this case getting the disc into a basket with minimal throws. This affordable set of three discs features weights ranging from 160-180 grams and functions similarly to a set of golf clubs. Practice with the Aviar putter for short throws, the Beast for distance, and the Cobra as a mid-range disc that might be just the trick for a challenging maneuver. There’s also a mini-disc to mark where your throw has landed on its way to the basket, so you have to face the exact predicament you’ve created from that misfire into a ditch.

It’s playtime at their forever home. Amazon

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Does part of your dream to adopt or foster a dog include Otto or Noodles proudly carrying a Frisbee as you stroll to the park? Live your dream with this flying disc, which is designed for puppies up to 20 pounds. Instead of tempting them to catch a regular hard plastic disc in their teeth, this disc is made with soft rubber suitable for your tiny teether. When you order you’ll either get a pink or a blue toy, because your dog doesn’t care about gender stereotypes, and just wants you to throw the fun thing.