One of the great things about having fish is the opportunity to personalize their tanks. No matter how small or large your fishbowl is, there are so many fun ways to decorate. From neon castles to a full recreation of Bikini Bottom, you have endless options. We have selected some of our favorite pieces to help get you started on your fish friend’s new home.

Neon dreams. Amazon

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These aquarium plants are great for larger tanks and lots of fish. Each pack comes with 9 beautiful, bright artificial plants that will add color and excitement to any underwater environment. This set can fit nicely in a 20-gallon tank or larger; the tallest frond reaches 12.5 inches, the smallest 5 inches. Each plant has a thick, ceramic base that is designed to be rust and rot free, so the PH of your water will never be affected. These plants look great in natural sunlight and blacklight, so you will get a good glow no matter what.

Perfect for hide and seek. Amazon

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An artificial cave or log can be a great place for your fish to sleep and shelter, especially if you have a Betta, Molly Fry, Ghost Shrimp, or Tetra. This realistic, moss-covered log is made from high-quality aquarium approved resin and features five smooth holes for your fish to explore. It measures roughly 6.5 x 17.5 centimeters and weighs 5.2 ounces, making it great for tanks that hold up to 20 gallons of water. You will be surprised at how quickly your fish snuggle up inside their new favorite “bedroom”.

A disco down below. Amazon

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If you’re a fish tank aficionado you are probably familiar with bubblers. They are a great way to get supplemental oxygen circulating, keeping your fish happy and healthy. A bubbler can also make a great decoration, with the right tools. This disk suctions onto your aquarium floor, connects directly to your pump, and produces a curtain of bubbles. The built-in, color-changing LED lights will give your stream a beautiful glow that will have your fish dancing in no time.

Your fish can “live in a pineapple under the sea.” Amazon

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We just couldn’t help it, we had to include this Spongebob Squarepants set. The novelty and nostalgia were too great to pass up. This set comes with three of the show’s most famous locations: The Krusty Krab, Squidward’s abode, and Spongebob’s house. Each item is made from durable resin that will hold up in fresh or saltwater tanks. The houses are roughly 6 inches tall while the revered restaurant measures 3.5 x 3.7 inches; great sizes for any small or medium-size tank. Your fish can explore in and around each structure while you reminisce about your favorite cartoon.

X marks the spot. Amazon

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If you aren’t feeling Bikini Bottom for your fish tank, but you do want an aquarium ornament that is classic and fun, might we suggest this old school diver. He is about 4 inches tall with smooth edges, salt-water safe, and made from high-quality resin. A great vintage look for any sea creature cove you have at home.