Plants add a beautiful, elegant, and relaxing look to your home or office, and a festive decorative look to parties and gatherings. However, bringing nature inside isn’t always possible or easy. Some interior spaces do not have the right quality of light and/or sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow for proper care.

While faux plants have gotten a bad rap over the years, there are many beautiful and realistic looking options available. We’ve found some great choices for your consideration that are as easy to care for as using a duster.

Always looks fresh. Amazon

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Tall, graceful, and deep green, this artificial ficus tree is offered in various sizes depending upon the needs of your space from 36 inches up to an impressive 96 inches high. Constructed from silk, polyester and plastic this tree requires no maintenance. The tree appears full with more than 1,000 leaves and a twisted trunk typical of the ficus tree. Note that this tree comes with a small nursery type pot, but it is preferable to purchase a heavy decorative pot and faux moss to complete the look of the potted indoor tree.

Desert modern. Amazon

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This faux planter comes in a modern concrete pot and with its low profile makes a great everyday tabletop centerpiece. At 8.1 by 9.7 by 4.8 inches, this could easily fit in the center of a dinner table, or displayed on a hutch or sideboard. The selection of succulent flowers against the grey concrete give this planter a stylish modern look.

Rustic and handmade. Amazon

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Small in size, this potted plant is a stylish option—with its attractive rustic handmade concrete pot. Set in black pebbles, the plant looks very realistic and makes a subtle design impact within your home, easily placed on shelves, table tops or dressers. Please note the plant is glued into the pot, so you could not remove faux greenery and switch out.

Country spa look. Amazon

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This faux plant set comes with two identical potted plastic lavender plants set in white modern cement basins. The size is 3.9 inches wide by 15.7 inches tall, and it looks like a vase of freshly cut wild lavender (which can give your space a peaceful, spa-like look). Typical of faux plants there is no care involved other than dusting or spot wiping with warm soapy water. The two matching pots allow for design symmetry.

Vine and dandy. Amazon

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These faux ivy vines are constructed out of a mixture of silk and plastic, and have two leaf sizes for a more natural look. The set comes with 24 pieces of ivy, each about 78 inches long. Ivy vines can be used for party decor, often found at weddings, birthdays or to enhance gazebo or patio displays. As with many faux plants there can be a slight plastic off-gassing smell that dissipates as the product is left open and ventilated.